09 May 2008

Lars and the real girl +++ Ryan Gosling= Ü

I enjoyed this one.

Flipping here and there in my bed (no caffeine whatsoever) and I’m still awake. @!!##% it’s 2pm already and I still have to rest my peepers for the day errr night ahead. Was it the striking tangerine curtains that mamita had just bought? My eyes are still getting used to the dream-like hue that has engulfed the whole room. Hmmm or was it the copy of ‘Lars and the real girl’ begging ‘watch me, watch me!’

And so there I was, half awake and half asleep, trying to focus on some nerdy guy’s life whose delusion includes a life-size doll as his girlfriend. The story starts right about now.

It’s a first. Viewing a Ryan Gosling starrer. (I have this habit of knowing the Running Time first so I would know how long will I be awake) and then his name appears on every search, ahhh, more surprising eh? I’m not typing ‘The Notebook’ how come he’s here. I didn’t recognize him in the cover( he looks Jason Lee-ish in this one). He’s cute though..right Rachel?

Set in urban Canada, Lars’ detached and isolated life turns around when a sudden delusion hits him and brings home Bianca, his dollfriend(hehe). The family’s psychologist suggested that everyone should just play along with Lars’ illusion… that includes the whole town. At the course of the film, no one is spared from Bianca’s charm; everyone likes her already, even Margo, Lars’ officemate and number one stalker. But certain bubble fantasies can be prodded by a single poke, and the film ends in an interesting way..FIN.

I love the simplicity of the film and the primitive emotions shown by the characters. In many ways, yes, it’s funny and sad at the same time (uh-huh I cried too when Bianca died). You’ll think oh yeah I’ve ignored a lot of simple things in your life, maybe people, maybe your Tamagochi (it was right there in your Monday school bag, poor thing), maybe the holes in your Yakisoba bowl. We all have delusions once in a while, but facing reality is way better than introducing a doll as your girlfriend. But in a world of strange comings and goings, maybe sulking in our own little worlds is not that harmful after all.

Wonka dreams.....


The Savages is a good watch as well. Enjoy DVD-ing!!

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