09 September 2008

i left my heart in SanFo

SanFo Treats yipee!!

they always say people tend to forget the food at a party, but never the dessert. For a fan of everything sweet.. and everything delicious, i sure won't forget Sanfo treats! from its shabby chic interiors to the delectable and fun treats.. i can spend my whole day here. ah, i wanna be a kid again!

the dessert bar is famous for their caramel apples, and i can attest to the yum factor of it,pero sawa na'ko sa caramel apples so let's give banana a chance please:)

butterfinger frozen banana
eat it fast! i hate it when the banana becomes gooey eewwy

..and of course i'm a forever fan of float, gotta try the brown cow float!

brown cow reminds me of my ate...she always puts one in the cart.

mom and moi

strawberry patch
honestly, i bought this one coz it's sooo cute! but it tasted good as well. it's nice for tea time.

at pag nag-away kayo ng tea time friend mo, you can just throw the pot straight sa face..and RUN!


change your number and your address after.

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