01 September 2008

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it's my blogger birthday month!!

so what better way to level it up? a much needed change of layout! i got tired of the old one. i hope ya like it (kinda self-centered with the bold pop art image..just scroll down if it's an eyesore) check out my new gadgets feat bags, pinoy images and the fine arts..in no particular order:)

hmmm a year of blogging, year of talking just about everything, the things i love...and that dull nothings!! from restaurants, to shoes, knick knacks, and ordinary places...and all things nice! it's all fun and it's all good!
i guess it's more about archiving stuff about me, scrapbooking the online way hehe. it's a great feeling when i just browse at my posts, and looking back at things, and reminiscing :) taking pictures at the Sta.Rosa plaza..at night?!!? click this link bibingka(it's in the Nov 07 archive, about puto bumbong and bibingka) yeah, talk about misadventures! it's cool, being your own boss..not meeting deadlines..no one proof reads your work, no one will hate it..errrr or just keep it a secret.

it was my ate who pushed me into blogging..and she's the only one who's reading indarapatra..so why bother hehe.

a toast to Indarapatra! i wish you more shoes, more good finds, good food, just about the good life...and more blogs to come!! join me in my second year please. journey with me as i discover the undiscovered and re-discover the forgotten.



pwedeng pwede po kayong mag-regalo:)

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