22 September 2008

One Retro Mama!

Last week..

aiming to find out how hard Frugal-Fashionista's job is.. meaning scouring out pieces from clothes to bags of celebs at a fraction of theirs..kinda like Splurge vs. Save saga. Eventually, after an hour, i gave up! boy was it hard! but hey hey hey something good came out of it all. come Retro Mama.
I saw her works on her Flickr account, and i was blown away. I like the kitchy feel of her stuff, kinda like shabby chic meets country style. from aprons to handbags (i especially love love love the pear cushions)

Please do check out Retro Mama or at the link on the right side of my blog.

Sorry Retro Mama for the comparison but i think i'm a budding 'frugal-fashionista' hunter :)

ehem.. Retro Mama's quilted handbag (so cute!)

my take..fab find from SM

so so..not entirely the same but its got the same vibe:)

gotta try shoes next time heehee


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