15 October 2008

Spooky Serna

Carrie, sitting. waiting. ethereal.

the dress that still haunts me to this day.. Alexander Mcqueen (2003). the frills, the flow, the everything! hehe if i were to attend a halloween party, i wanna show up in this baby made up ala- Morticia Addams :)

photo credit (net)


if you understand Filipino: if you know that ipis=cochroach : and if you know that a ladybug is that red thingy and not a bat nor a bag:

well, this one's a bit corny, but if you come to my place, i'll tell you the story with gusto :))

the quest for the ladybug costume began 3 weeks before when ate phoned in from Oman asking for Sage's costume for Zoe's birthday party this 24th..since tis the season to be scary, i expect malls to be geared up on this event..fairies, mermaids, the devil..you name it, they should know it! especially the saleslady..as far as i can remember, i did say LADYBUG the way you should say LADYBUG

sa SM Sta. Rosa

Jayde: Miss, miss (preppy tone) meron ba kayong ladybug costumes?
Saleslady: ay dun po ang bag section hindi dito.
Jayde: hindi miss, yung ladybug, yung color red tapos may dots na black na costume.
Saleslady: ah, wala po kami nun

Okay. calm down. maybe i should say the word with more conviction. L-A-D-Y-B-U-G

two days later, sa SM Dasmarinas

main character: me again :))

Jayde: same spiel: miss, san yung ladybug costumes nyo?
Saleslady: dito, teka tingnan mo

yes! feeling giddy, finally i'd get to go home

Saleslady: eto po may bats kami dito
Jayde: miss hindi yan, yung parang ipis na red tapos may black dots
Saleslady: now laughing, ah wala po kami nun.


my nieces settled for the fairy costumes anyway..as of this post, it's in the plane na :))

who wants to be a bug anyway? when you can be a pretty girly fairy with fairy dust and fairy wand and pixie wings!


Anonymous said...

i'm imagining you wearing this gown in white saying i do's.....beautiful!just start walking like alexander mcqueen's catwalk in the aisle...bongazeus ka girl heheje

super mom

Jayde said...

haha i know..this is supah perfect for a wedding dress! but i'm feeling more 'emo' so i chose morticia:)

Tashai said...

that dress is just awesome!
Perfect time to post it too.

Jayde said...

really spooky isn't it? but lovely at the same time:)