26 November 2008


excerpts from an email sent by iamninoy

Ninoy Aquino would have been 76 this November 27th. Instead, Ninoy is 25, 18 and even 15 years old this year because thousands of young people, responding to the IAMNINOY campaign, have been inspired to become “Ninoys” in their own right.

Launched on the 25th anniversary of the assassination of opposition leader Sen. Benigno S. Aquino Jr., the IAMNINOY TV commercial features a compelling quick succession of young faces wearing Ninoy’s signature eyeglasses, and calls on Filipinos to do their part—stand up for what is right and what is good in big ways, in small ways and in their own ways—and be heroes.

To mark the birthday of Sen. Ninoy Aquino this week, the IAMNINOY campaign moves into high gear with the launch of the IAMNINOY television program on TV5. Popular tv personality Bianca Gonzales, one of the early “I Am Ninoy” volunteers, takes a journey to discover the new “Ninoys” and examine what motivates their selflessness.

IAMNINOY airs on TV5 on Tuesday nights immediately after “The Evening News”.

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