18 November 2008

keep 'em coming!

..and i mean it!

Big, big thanks

to my sister Jac (still in Oman) for all the pretty goodies she sent me. Earliest birthday gift(SSS) EVER!

and favoritest of them all, trench coat from forever twentyone :)

Sorry, but i really, really, really had to try it on!

Happy birthday to MEEE!!! you guys have 'till January 11 to give big (oprah?)


health buffy-the vampire-slayer mode

i heart Pho Hoa's version of breaded tofu in mushroom and red pepper sauce (that's a mouthful, in short: Chien dau hu)

P.S. ii

cute finds from megaM and trinoma


artlover said...

oh wow, nice coat! happy birthday!

Jayde said...

thanks artlover! my birthday's on January, it was just an early gift from my sis:)