08 December 2008

i am no..

beauty expert, but i totally swear on this..

..and this!

i've had my share of gloss/balm-hunting, and Carmex put an end on it. This stick is a sure win formula to soothe chapped, dry lips (like mine) and is just perfect if you hate that i-just-ate-lechon look:)

Revlon's Colorstay mineral foundation on the other hand is just heaven sent. A little stroke goes a long way, and it won't give you a cake-y heavy feel when you have the powder on.+++ flawless coverage! and a must have if you wanna look like Halle Berry hehe (hmmm pde na ba ko mag-beauty review?:)) i'm still in search for the perfect blush and lipstick though.. but i guess a girl can't have just one right?

both available at PCX
photo credit: net


Art Lover said...

gotta try this revlon foundation, hehe. girls, girls, girls!

Jayde said...

err..just don't hate me if you didn't like it, promise? haha:)

ross said...

haha wow just read this and you love carmex din pala!! i love carmex cherry..been using it since paolo told me that john lloyd is addicted to carmex..para feel ko kinikiss ko siya..nggyaak!! dahil yan sa "now that i found you" hahahaha

Jayde said...

ay super love ko carmex:) haha john lloyd hmmm cge na nga!