12 February 2009

seven pounds of laziness

song on my head: Suede's Lazy '..you and me all we want to be is Lazy'

of all the unproductive weeks in my life, this week had been the most UN of all, hahahaay.:D the only thing that i can remember?hmm was out for a spur-of-the-moment barbecue and meatballs spaghetti with mi familia

and did some groceries that ended with a 16oz orange shake.flaaaaaat.

i think the lethargic ways did me well. saw Will Smith's Seven Pounds yesterday out of boredom.. what was the last film on my tracker..ahhh the Revolutionary Road. i wanna see some feel-good flick, well obviously this wasn't it, that's why i'm not itching to view Seven Pounds yet. but i did anyway!

won't be lazy to say that Will looked good in his 'Salmon shirt' :D at was pretty amazed, Rosario can cry ha! it's not the hagulgol cry, hers is beautiful, demure, tears-like-falls kind of cry.

see, i managed to make my katamaran look good..*WINK*

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