03 March 2009

very berry good

the chaiwallas are taking a break :)

excluding the midday heat caused by mr.sun, sun, mr. golden sun and springing ahead by adjusting our clocks an hour forward (oh wait, i'm not from the U.S. hehe) i think we all love summer, right? good. apart from the out-of-town trips and mangga with bagoong..summer ain't complete without an ice cold something.in my case, Fuzion Smoothies. no amount of brain freeze can stop me from downing my strawberries and cream!

i first saw Fuzion in SM Baguio, but never got the chance to try their very berry good (for obvious reasons), so i tried one last night (trinoma branch) before heading to Thousand Cranes.well, i'm a huge fan of anything strawberry kaya got no reason to hate this one. smoooothh.

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