01 April 2009

summer out there

beneath the paalee moonlight.

narcissus, almost

after over dozing on java chip frappes we(kuya,mac,jelix) decided to walk round the block..my brother saw this window graffiti and it's just beautiful with me standing next to it! haha. he insisted, what can i do? the lighting's got this whole nostalgic 1960s aura going on. i love how the picture turned out..i love myself :) plus i absolutely adore this rich&rich gray top. i like the color gray at the moment, it's especially pretty with whites and browns and blacks..it goes with everything! average? hmm a week won't pass without me wearing it! ish ultra comfy for day, and the wool texture's perfect for chilly nights (knowing me, i'm AC phobic:)) also, i'm starting to wear my 502 again too and stole my mom's bag for the night hee.


photo credit: jayfee and net


Anonymous said...

jda,so grunge.

Jayde said...

didya like it?