09 June 2009

le scaphandre et le papillon

i accidentally woke up at 5. morning noises, morning sun, morning headache, morning mom and the finale snooze button within that tells you you still have five minutes for shut-eye and the finale clap-clap-clap ala von trapp. yes, i wanna do those morning jogs and wear my morning sweats and eat my morning meal too, but i gotta, havva, wouldya lemme doze off first!!

strangely and oddly enough, the sunlight reminded me of the film, the diving bell and the butterfly. the intricate yellow mellow silent afternoon sun, the kind that lets you be pretty and be laidback and be uncomplicated.the rehab hallway, the beach, Bauby's shore strolls.

and this yellow dress, prints tantamount to butterflies in the field



it's midafternoon now, still unhurried, as always.

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