05 October 2009

cocoa martin

mercifully, the sun was peeking through the clouds today. it is consoling. i know everyone did their own share in lending a hand to those who suffered. it doesn't have to be major. you are not darna. but if you are, go ahead. either way, your humble offering can aid an individual already. amen.

on a lighter note:

today, i fried homemade tatters with tons of ground pepper and whipped my own iced coffee. both turned out to be huge disasters.

a. the fries was too soggy.
b. the cocoa was expired months ago.
c. i am not giada.

mainly, i got inspired from THIS site.

i've bookmarked this in my head "visit this the moment you log in" but fashion blogs keep getting in the way. until finally, when there's nothing more to view, when all links have been clicked, eyes already sore from balmain, de la renta and prada, you resort to food. unluckily, models don't.

good thing i didn't start with chicken fillet! oohh, the recipes are super easy, i spent my hours browsing and browsing. from desserts to pastas, yummy.ph makes you wanna go to the kitchen and cook! four cheese panino, panna cotta, choco swirl pancakes. all goodness. can i be a chef, please? tomorrow i want to be a designer. the day after that, i want to be a supermodel,i don't care what my teachers say. the day after that day, i want to be french. the day after that day that day,umm.umm. i want, i want, right now!


answer to letter b. yes, still drank the whole thing.it tasted good actually. you should try it:) make sure you are covered.

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