08 October 2009

polo club

earlier today.
took advantage of the coo coo crazy weather. my tip just in case it gets hotter in the middle of the day, drink a shake, ice cream or anything super cold. degrees higher or not, my mall staple is ice freeze! yesterday i wore a cardigan so i can have my chilly coffee fix.today's an exemption though. gelato was calling out my name. after free-tasting choco mint and vanilla nutella (translation: the whole selection)
 i settled for a cone of sugarfree vanilla coffee.


cute detail: pockets. i got this top on sale:)

another favorite: dragonfly necklace, SNATCHED from my sister, hee.

have to get up early tomorrow. happy zzzzzzzzz everyone!


Anonymous said...

i like your photo here look so naturally beautiful...

Jayde said...

wow thanks:) si ate ina ba 'to:)

Anonymous said...

yah its mee...na miss ko na mag shot ng mga pictures remember trabho ko dati...

Jayde said...

ahihi oo nga, may pictures pa kmi nila kuya sa studio puro bungi pa kmi:)