12 November 2009

light graffiti

bugged the mejias a.k.a oliver and kaykay to do a light graffiti with my name:) i've known them from my info days, they are on my nice people list.


they have had 50plus requests already, in the end, they simply had to tell this:
(i think i was the 48th person:)

i tried it for myself and voila!::::
1.get your camera and a penlight (the one for
checking eyes during basic assessment in clinics)
or laser pointer.
2. use a tripod or put it on a desk where it can
be stable (you will be using the timer kasi)
3. switch your camera to shutter priority (Tv)
4. adjust the speed to 30 sec (30")
5. switch the lens to manual focus (MF) after
making sure that the point where you draw is
clear and not blurred (out of focus). make use
of a reference point.
6. set camera to SELF TIMER and click the
shutter button to start shooting.
7. draw your heart out. enjoy.
8. adjust ISO to lowest to make room darker,
adjust ISO to own desire to meet desired

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