06 November 2009

zebra print and stripes and everything nice




i have consumed my smiles for the month. who has the energy to be nice 24/7? well, i am never nice in the first place. that's probably the lastest word to describe me. so that question is irrelevant. maybe i'm cranky because i raided the aisle with all things processed, they say that processed sweets can really make the bad in you much much badder. aside from ate's pop tarts, i've been eating a lot of ice cream, drank lots of sugared everything, even peanuts! according to dad, surprise, surprise!i eat almost anything.

this ensemble came to the rescue though. isn't black the prettiest color? i can wear this cardi for a month, and this belt's a killer, i think i'll overuse this gold cincher.
do we all have that habit of overusing our new stuff that after a week's time it's not new anymore?heee.

argh. hate dry skin. such a whiner.
cardi and cowl neck top: F21
all from jac..80percent of my clothes came from her anyway.

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