03 December 2009

cavalli, where's the party?


perhaps when i turn twentyfive i will eventually go for classic items, clothes that will withstand any trend. wait, i am past that age already. 40, tawad. i always end up plumping for the unusual ones. i am practicing on handpicking the elemental.
for now im bohemian. easy breezy the next. grunge for saturday.
 wew. been a while since i last posted anything runway. this s/s 2010 collection from mr. roberto c kinda grew on me. it really is a kind of stew of homme et femme. flowy fabrics contrasting with mannish pants and tuxedos, florals and pinstripes, skin and coverage. hair's neatly braided, still with boyish appeal. though he got mixed reviews over this, i feel this is better than seeing a slew of girls all in 80s head to toe high street get-up.

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