06 April 2010


yes, i have a reputation of abandoning this site and just come back and surprise you.
just to give you an idea how blinding the sun is today. camera's on normal setting and i didn't make any adjustments post shoot. alright, i'm exaggerating. i slacked a bit, i went on with the setting knowingly.
 funny, my mamita's seated next to me right now and she's choosing the 'test shots'! (wow, very glossy and very miranda)

i'm not a big sunnies person. i feel overdressed and it's heavy on the face plus it leaves you with unflattering sunglasses marks right down your cheeks.
now where were we. oh, this is an old denim dress from my tita handed down to my ate. i like it, i can pile on the blocks and still look normal.hmm, perfect for errands day, i-don't-know-what-to-wear day and i-feel-ugly day.
can i be blonde too?
this post is for my friend anne, she's recuperating right now from a minor O-operation. jaimie and i visited her earlier and anne's like(still with dextrose and catheter) 'jada bakit hindi ka na nagpopost?' you know my perennial excuse pinker..i'm tinatamad.

get well soon annester, the merlion's waiting for you!

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