09 April 2010

the chaironomist

it started with a chair..it ended with a chair.
intimidating people will do you wonders somehow. i now have the groolest office chair in the whole world wide web. this is made from kakwate wood and it is surprisingly cool when you sit on it, and i am kind of sleepy already, a few cm and it can double as a day bead.
the other chair will be delivered next week alongside the balustre for the main stairs.
a few haggles and a frowny irritated zoolander face later we met halfway and only paid for the labor! now, who's the man?

it's searing hot even in tagaytay! coming from me, you have to believe that statement. i get cold easily, it's a running joke here, for you to wake me up you have to set the fan to three.

lunch with the lopezes. we ate at boun giono, cliffhouse. just had tonsilitis, but i want my mudslide shakey, give me any chocolate shake and i'm good to go. i think i'll skip dinner now. we bought pomelo and kiwis after to counter the LDLs:)
these two boys are my guinea pigs. i'm gearing up for my nephew. i bet there will be a lot of running and panting involved. no pinks for now. or maybe i can nick some, his dad's color blind after all, i'll just tell him it's off-white or beige. heeeeee.
still an al fresco girl. it's too crammed inside.
been a long day but pizza's always an excellent choice to seal the week.
have a burpy weekend everyone!!

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