09 May 2010

indara's mom

at ang pinagmanahan ng pose.

when i grow up, i wanna be just like you. clearly, i've come to love black and white pictures because growing up, i'd dig through old piles of photos and marvel on how beautiful you are in your bell bottoms, your long hair and svelte figure, your 70s wedges and printed dresses. always, always, a bubble would assemble and i'd say to myself i wanna be pretty like you. i'd tell people and force them to say it too, i look just like you.
now, when i say when i grow up, i wanna be just like you- it now means i wanna be just like a good of a mom and a person. hmm, i have the license to be mushy today, right? i love you nanay, and i'm thankful i get to spend my everydays with you. i enjoy our afternoon walks together, and i'm pretty psyched that i make you laugh.
i'm sorry for the times i made you cry. i know you wanna strangle me at times..the feeling is mutual hehe.
a storebought greeting card won't do it anymore, darn, i wish i'm still eight.
let's have lunch together. it's on me.
no, it's on tatay.
happy mother's day momma!

happy mother's day jacjac.
mom wanted to post a photo of you from the 80s
but i opposed. see, i love you!

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