22 July 2010

12* + 1

outfit 12: mango tube dress
outfit 13: belt, glamourstudio skirt, mango dress
miss guatemala.
and that equation states that tomorrow, i'll be on my 14th post already. high five!

p.s.11* labels:top h&m denim 2% belt charles&keith  flats cole vintage shades:aldo


Pie said...

hi! i just posted my day 8...and i just thought you should know that you're my Day 8 favorite =>

Frances Joy said...

I love the dress with the skirt. So creative!

Anonymous said...


Elaine said...

Beautiful dress! And these are such great pictures.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

jayde said...

mary..as in moiry?:)

J A I M I E said...

I love 13th! Very pretty and yes, creative. :) You're a layering pro, Jayda.