30 July 2010


jeans saburit. ahh, titles. the term shortcut was coined after people from the 16 something something hundreds got tired of the longcut.yes, shortcut is what i'm doing right now:)

tops: stradivarius, black sheep and shopwise.
brown belt:scoop
necklace: cmg
jeans: mango and levi's
celine wedge.


Elaine said...

You look beautiful! I especially love the last outfit with the striped shirt and then the flowy blouse on top with the beaded necklace.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Frances Joy said...

The jeans in the first outfit are so great! And I second Elaine's comment about the flowy blouse with the striped shirt underneath. Love the combo.

J A I M I E said...

Shortcuts? Yes, I can see that and been seeing that! Ha ha! You're so urbanista. Me likeey. And I also love your previous. :))