09 July 2010


 today's a simpler outfit post but it had all of my favorite pieces from way back like this white bayo top. this one's a fave because it's very filipiniana.
 my 501s.i will never ever trade it for anything.
it's got the perfect grunge appeal.
and my 'wrestler belt'.
topped of with my current fave, aldo feather earrings.
kinda like a dreamcatcher, don't you think?


J A I M I E said...

I so remember that top. Good olde kgb days. :) Nice one, gg. Modern Filipi├▒ana. And 501 will always be 501. Oh, the earrings, I adore them. ^_^

Frances Joy said...

Love it. It's simple, but stylish. The top is beautiful!

Leah (The Domesticated Wife) said...

So cute. Nothing you wear is "ordinary", I love that. :) There's always a cute twist!

J A I M I E said...

Hey,gg. Did actually have your top soiled in photo number 2? Just curious. ehehe. :)