06 July 2010

the chosen ones

30 for 30 Banner
 here are my 26 wardrobe picks for the 30 for 30 challenge.
8 dresses,7 tops,3 cardis,4 skirts,3 denims,1 leggings,4 shoes= 1 brave soul.
my comment box is open for 30 days too!
so feel free to kick my butt whenever i'm feeling lazy.
go team jada!!

i'm reopening my shoutmix too:)


J A I M I E said...

Not so vibrant colors, but I know you'll ace it every way, gg. Can't wait till you wear them. :))

Good luck, Jayda! :)) And miss yah!

pabula_rasa said...

good choices.go team jada.

imissyou little ones.i will get you back soon enough...huhu

jayde said...

there's purple and peach and flowery stuff, madilim lang sa room kase:)
thanks gg, i miss you too:))

jayde said...

jacjac, half of the selection's yours i know iknow!