13 August 2010


ikatatlumpu. that's thirtieth in filipino. so where do we go from here? what is life to offer me when i grow old? ahhh the joys of eating, you cannot see the finite line between a song and a sentence.
i decided to make this bayo dress my challenge ender because ummm,ummm i almost forgot it's on my 30 picks:)
but hey, i like you dress. you're girly but not ott girly. i can just toughen you up with a chain necklace and a mannish watch and still look dainty at the same time. i love you because you're in blue and sizing the hues from my closet, hell, you belong!

and that is why i wore you to lunch today at gourmet's farm. 
you witnessed how i devoured this sicilian chicken salad..
(this is sooo so good, it's like you're not eating greens at all!
it's got dried mangoes,cashews,sicilian dressing, grapes and grilled chicken)

how i happily gulped down my lemony apple shake..
you saw how i greedily consumed this BLT..
and chomp this guilt-free low calorie cheesecake.
i know! it's freakin' lowcal.
oh yeah, back on the thirty for thirty. hmm lemme sit back and think hard on this one:
this challenge is like my high school cross-stitch project-giddy at first, then midway brrrrtttt, it felt like a well, 'project' and in the end let my tutor finish the whole thing because it's due tomorrow.
but i enjoyed it all in all(owwss).
gained some bloggy friends and the fact that more than fifty bloggites were doing it too made the challange less exhausting.

thanks kendi for literally rocking our closets!:)

kc much?
gourmet's farm
silang, cavite

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