03 November 2010

camp rock

i practically grew up listening to ancient bands like metallica, soundgarden, nirvana , radiohead,stp and the like all thanks to my brother and sister who frequent record bars when we were teenagers. my first few cassette tapes were of suede, no doubt and kula shakers. and of course, we all sang to the beat of the eheads. yes, i even had a crush on steven tyler. our favorite dorm pastime was acoustic jamming sessions with my brother's college friends from next door. i never learned how to play the guitar.i only know A and C because they were the easiest, F was a different story. my fingers were never cut to pick a pick. i'm not a hardcore rocker, but i've always wanted to be one. always always. at least i get to dress up like one. rock on!

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Liz said...

Oh I'm just like you, well I know all my chords but even stringing them together doesn't sound like my favorite bands on the radio I wish I could just instantly be able to be as talented as them!
Cute booties, I am still on the hunt for some ankle booties in the thrift stores!