16 November 2010

i love the weather, i love the leather

channeling olivia palermo? yes i am, yes i am.
she's definitely one of my style icons next to alexa chung.
they're both disarmingly arresting but not over the top.

i don't usually have a hard time picking articles for my closet because i usually know what i want.
i actually have a mental list of the things that i need .i don't shop impulsively and i pick my pieces carefully.it's hard, but i don't want to accumulate much and end up giving half of my wardrobe away, just like in the past.
i am sober.

maybe i'm growing up now? i actually thinked twice before buying this leather leggings. i have my own rotary sign flashing in my head. do you need it? do you really, really need it?two yeses to that.

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Liz said...

They look really cool, and I love the purple shoes!

Frances Joy said...

Loooove the leather leggings, especially with those shoes. Yes, you really, really needed them.