20 November 2010

olivia forevah!

image from frugal fashionista

inspiración: olivia palermo's military chic look.
good things come to those who wait. sooo good, me and my sister bought identical dresses! she lives in a different country that's why. we have a seamless swap-clothes relationship, but this time around neither one of us was willing to play the wait-until-you-don't-like-the-dress-anymore game.

i submitted my coco-ish look on snapshot fashion..view it here.:)
thanks Diane!


Anonymous said...

girl!you're so gorge!
love the bag!
love the shoes!
loooooooooove the attitude!!!!!!

jac said...

umo-olivia nga!hahahah.



The Style Voyager said...

Hi Jayde,
Thank you for the msg on IFB :)
I really like your style, it's very chic :) Let's to stay in touch!


The Style Voyager said...

by the way, you're very pretty :P

Liz said...

Wow you did a great job, I love your look! My sister and I always get matching pieces too it's fun to style it up differently!

Hope Adela said...

this outfit is so elegant and chic! love the unexpected pop of leopard on the shoes! =)