05 December 2010


with peaches and berries on side, i bring you liz of lizzypunch!
this girl loves colors and the colors seem to love her back. from flowery cardigans to beautiful green skirts and lovely violets, her closet has a gamut of bright and enthused garment collection.
i love how she enfused denim on her little black dress! it really brought an easy appeal. toppled by her charming butterfly belt in toffee completed a lizzypunch outfit: never dull, never boring.

thanks so much lizzy for being a bloggie friend:)
sending all my love and hugs to washington xox


Liz said...

OMG you are the sweetest Jayde, thanks so much for the compliments :) I'll be sure to send some readers this way!

jayde said...

you're most welcome liz:)
thanks so much for joining the lbd fun..keep in touch lizzy!:))