14 December 2010


"for all her chic thinness, she had an almost breakfast-cereal air of health, a soap and lemon cleanness, a rough pink darkening in the cheeks."
Paul Varjak to Holly Golightly
Breakfast at Tiffany's
by Truman Capote

i'm no Holly, but i love how she was described by Truman Capote.
yes, an apparition on a warm summer evening.
i was thinking of wearing another lbd, a brown leather-strapped silk black dress and use my new found friend-the blue cape(i know! a blue cape!:)) but a girl who wore huge, dark prescription glasses, a slim cool black dress and a pearl choker changed my mind entirely.

i'm wearing the dress in its truest, simplest form imagining the pungent gentle wind of summer.
i say, 'won't you join me?'

capping this post with MOON RIVER.


jaclyn said...

i love this dress!sana magkasing payat tayo! =)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress!