07 December 2010


if i tell you these were unrehearsed shots, i'd be a total liar. but then again, i am. so these were all stolen shots, unbeknown-st to me. yes, taken by my amateur paparazzo. thank you bystanders who patiently walked in tiptoe just to let me have these shots. haha.
i'd like to thank all of my friends and blogger friends who took the time to participate in my lbd challenge, sending all my loving to you girls! until the next one:)

ms. thea sharon:))
nikki of eccentricdrill1925
ise of isseymeets sg
anabel of tranquilacosita
linda of little tin soldier
chaucee of streets and stripes
liz of lizzypunch
anne of annesterr
jaimie of tsubibo dreams
kate of let them eat kate

will post mine very soon.


Ariana said...

thank you :)
wow your bag is awesome :) :)

ari from fashionFOOL

Chaucee said...

I have been wanting that cardigan/jacket since the days I laid eyes on it. It's a love affair!

Masoom R. Minawala said...

I wish I couldve taken part in the LBD challenge :( Sadly I saw your blog today for the 1st time - but anyways you have a greaaaaat blog. following you :)


Liz said...

It was so fun to see what everyone submitted, can't wait to see yours, and that jacket is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Lovely look : )

sorry I didn't have time to shoot the dress :( Hope I can participate next time! Love your posts