31 January 2011

capital D

i am on divine lee's blog, for reallsss.i'm sorry if i sounded like a tween:) i was just wondering earlier why my feedjit's been packed from visitors coming in from her site and to my surprise my dearest BFF Nikki of ECCENTRIC DRILL submitted a post for ms.D's tumblr.(BIG BIG THANKS NIKS:)) and thanks ms. divine for the kind words, i am in blush central:)
aha moment. now that's why nikki said she grabbed some of my photos, at first i thought she's gonna make me pakulam or something haha. what a great january-ender from a true friend! thanks nikkibon, hugs sent to singapore already:)

please view the post HERE and reblog if you happen to have a tumblr account hehe:)
and follow miss divine lee's blog HERE.

yes, i have a tumblr account too (HERE) it's my little playground tumblring with my playmates NIKKI and IRIS.
yes, i have more than one blog, does that make me an emo?HAHA.

so many HEREs in one post. heek.


Heredeira said...

hurray! :D

Nikki said...

Hahahahaha!No worries,my dear gf!as I've told you! I'm your #1 Fan & Supporter!.. I was surprised and overwhelmed as well! Divine Lee is such a cool,fashionable,down-to-earth person and so bakla!hahaha!That's why i love her! :)