05 January 2011


i am sticking with my mantra: no resolutions, no recaps. springing forward and a lot of hums.
lists make your life more cluttered and i am trying to be a minimalist haha.
so no more post holiday stories. it's a new day.
my engine starters:
potatochip dipped in caramel choco from ate marion
instabrew for the insta-bru

strawberry cheesecake. i think it's only now that i appreciate the sourness and tanginess of the real cheesecake. i've been eating quasi-cheesecakes for so long i forgot how a cheesecake should taste- cheesy.

 yep i needed these three so i can make a decent first post.i am one sloppy bloggite!


liz said...

I like your minimalist approach Jayde! You sure started on the right foot in such a stellar outfit, so sophisticated! And thanks for giving me a huge craving for cheesecake!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely outfit! I love the military green on you!