17 February 2011

the dining room

dang! finally my jumbreak is bleeping bleeping bleeping working! after days of tinkering and resetting and gawd knows whatelse i am now rejoicing, hallelujah! my monday's definitely food-filled. we started with racks full-rib and angus beef and ended our day at the dining room,silang.

ceasar salad
never ending yummychicken sicilian salad. we bought the same dressing, same lettuce, but eating salad at home is tantamount to eating pasta with olive oil, blah and blah-er. salads are really meant to be eaten out. salads taste much better when someone does it for you haha, how pathetic.
coffee float. this is strong, just the way i like it.
eternal fave, margherita pizza.
yes, i haven't been posting lately because my connection's been down these past few days and i am savoring its remaining hours before my return to the mesozoic era. damn you lancard. my sister suspected i'm just reasoning out just to avoid her chats haha. paranoid android.
my favorite self-timer shot to date:)

having no internet is like having no iced coffee for three weeks. i tried mending it by watching satc 2. how i miss carrie and the girls! so carrie and i have the same blue room hehe. and i miss my ate, i have no one to share my iced coffee with. and i miss shopping with her.


jac said...

continue reading here???????

ikaw ba si garance????????????

Anonymous said...

that food looks amazing! esp. the coffee float, I could use one of those right now!

Heredeira said...

tita jac...we need to learn this again from her..this "continue reading here" for our bloggeeeeees! haha..so dapat may mga links na rin tayo..haha..

miss you tita jac! parang kailan lang nung binabasa lang natin blog ni Indarapts no?..hehe

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Hello beautiful!I love your outfit! Come to my blog and tell me what do you think.. I accept the criticism!
Excuse my English!