01 March 2011

the dory, the diy and the wardrobe

am i becoming predictable?

 i go to kids of bayo from time to time.hehe
well, yes. there's proof dear. bummer. i bought this dress last january in prep for summer. a month later, my brother gifted me the same dress! the minute he handed me the bag, i'm kind of hoping it's not the same dress, not the same dress. but it was. and i don't know what to do with the other one. do you want the other dress jac? if not, i'm just gonna sell it. haha.

moving on.

my necklace is a simple d.i.y. bought the faux pearl strand and the two yard ribbon from carolina's and voila. this is my white cmg necklace's alter ego. the black swan. i've been searching for the right chunk for so long now, i decided to make my own instead. where on earth are the hiphop beads when you need them the most?

i'm ending this post with cajun red rock's bourbon style dory. i've had steamed and fried dory, but it's my first time to taste grilled dory. i love the smoky flavor busting from the fillet, yum. am i too old to say yum too? i think so.


Anonymous said...

that dress is super cute! the necklace came out nicely too!

jayde said...

thanks kate:)

jac said...


dont want it.
plus we have 5 clothes that are exactly the same already.


maybe you should change the ribbon.get a wider one.for the beads.i mean.

jayde said...

the holes are too small for a wider ribbon.