15 March 2011


paradise cake from haya cafe

minutes before my brother's doctor appointment, i treated him to his 'would be' last cake...

 yes, like a loving sister. i felt guilty afterwards though. the cafe's just across the hospital and i wanna make him feel better, before he returns to his oatmeal diet haha. turns out, his dyslipidemia's hereditary and not lifestyle related. but it's better to be cautious right? so tomorrow dear blog, i am pledging to lessen my junk-food intake, eat healthily as much as i can. as much as i can. as much as i can.
ham and cheese. whenever possible, i do my own version of tuna&cheese. my mom loves it. we have it every sunday afternoon before church. with coffee:) merienda girl all the way. my least favorite meal is lunch because i feel like it's always timed and hurried. breakfast and afternoon eats are better.
p.s. after his check-up, i had large sour cream twistix, frappe and bratwurst.
so help me blog.

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