30 March 2011





Oh pungent air, spicy and warm breeze I summon thee, I summon thee. It's almost April now and i'm beginning to wonder where'd the humid Philippine weather go? Global warming or not, I want you back. Even for just a week. I doubly consume food during the summer, so i'm giving you just a week. So I can delightfully eat riped mangoes and dirty ice cream and that 60peso iced coffee from sm without feeling brrrr afterwards. So I can keep my jackets already and buy summer clothes. What's the use of flimsy summer dresses if you're not here. So I can have a tan. Not that I need one.

They say your room, house or space is a total reflection of your style. Somehow, I believe that. I've always been partial to blues and browns with hints of whites and greens. The red closet? Umm I don't know where I got that. Maybe from my underwear? HAHA. It's a mystery. I think my room is resort-loungey-minimalia. If there is such a term. I've minimized my room decor since our house is a huge dust magnet. Ironically, all our furniture are in the hues of brown too. Imagine the Pledge we've consumed. 

In lieu of your return dear heady Sun, i'm wearing my first-ever summer sale purchase. I summon thee, I summon thee.


jac said...


me genen den?

Heredeira said...

Pretty woman!

I wonder how your room looks like dear..
Post some pics naman.. :)

jayde said...

thanks ate jakee:)

jatjat why did you erase my may genen?huhu