12 April 2011


I've been lurking in bazaars for waaay too long already, It's time to return to my makeshift universe. Where words are from Mars, photos from Venus. Amidst acquiring things I don't need and things I really, really don't need, my Nanay bought me this cake stand. Yes, it's my forth cake stand. I walked away on this one, since I'm not a good haggler. After an hour I decided ' Hey, I want that cake stand!', but it's gone already. Later on, I found out my mom bought it for me. Thank you nanay, you are the best haggler in the whole world. Or they're just scared of you.

Like I said, words here are from Mars. In short, who cares I what write. Images are more fun.HAHA


Anonymous said...

in my humble opinion a girl can never have too many cakestands! lovely find!

jayde said...

i know kate, it's addicting, like shoes:)