24 May 2011

comeback kid

Favorite accessories.

Favorite Photo-op house- Jaypee's.

Favorite scent. I love you Jat.
Favorite cheapo sandals.
Favorite color. Nude.
Favorite Pastime: Reading books.hahaha.
Comebacking. Ala The Selby style.
" Do not-no matter what anyone says-spray your scent in the air and walk through it.
It just wastes scent (90 percent of each spray will fall on your bedroom floor)
when the goal is to have it land on you, not the rug."--Chandler Burr
For a moment there, I wanted Chandler Burr to look like Diego Buñuel. So does Alan Richman.
Curse you Google.


j. said...

freeeeeeeetttyyyy hun.

ur like so beautiful and like soooooooo smart.ahahhah.

wanna go home.

pitoy morena said...
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jayde said...

hahaha nagcomment ako kanina ung toppings ang nagamit ko, meron pa pala un, gmail pla gamit ko.
i know, i'm like so smart. i'm a smarty pants haha.

don't cry shopgirl.