11 May 2011


[Exhibit A. Mirror box.]

[Exhibit B. The last shot I took before Exhibit A got busted.]
[Exhibit C. My uber-good friend Jaimie to the rescue.] [For two birthdays.] [ I thank you.]

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.
Why me? This is not happening.

But it did. It was a sunny Holy Monday, my nephew's First birthday to be exact. April 18th. Now a part of my camera's history. Like an eager beaver Aunt, I appointed myself the official photographer. Paying attention to the littlest details. I decided to change my lens, since I can't get a good shot of the cake. I removed the 50mm and got the standard 18-55mm lens.Then the unimaginable happened. I saw a big black obstruction  when I peaked through. I thought It was a hand. Like a scary Thai-horror movie. That's what you get from watching too many horror films. I sat. Quietly. Cold sweat slowly trickling. ERROR 99. Flabbergasted{uy, sosyal}, I told my brother and sister-in-law the sad news. Thinking quickly, I phoned my friend Jaimie. I bullied my friend to come pronto. And the party went on. It was all blurry after that. Like a drunken master. Yes, too much Kung-fu movies too.

I had a meeting with the board, a.k.a my mom, dad, and brother. We decided it's best to tell the chairman a.k.a my sister after the repair. That way, it will be just a funny story. A thing of the past. Like a casual mishap. Things you tell over coffee. And laugh like ahahaha afterwards.

The agony of waiting. For a girl who is used to documenting her humdrum everydays with a camera, living life is pointless. Days of consoling, asking myself where did I go wrong? What did I do to make you change your mind completely.:) Fade to All by Myself. Either Celine's or Pia's version will do.

Dark Mocha tasted like water. My anonymous commenter is right after all, Starbucks tastes like mud.
Showmanship. I carefully scheduled my posts so my sister won't suspect a thing. Symptoms of a pathological liar.

Acceptance. The Catherine Zeta-Jones way.  Thank you Canon Magallanes for giving me just a week's wait. Please explain to Jacques that a mirror box is wear and tear. After two years of multi-million self-timer shots. That's Robot vs. Wrestler. And thank you Jaimie for collaborating with my big fat lie. All throughout you know I only invited you to our family gatherings because you have an SLR too. You know me too well. Totally. High five! I still owe you. Didn't you have a grand time playing Serena? I love playing Blair. Scheming is fun. Lastly, thank you voice call for not working. Seeing ate's frantic hand gestures after I  Jaypee told the whole story is enough. I think see took it mildly. I think.

 I told you.  A thing of the past. Like a casual mishap. Things you tell over coffee. And laugh like ahahaha afterwards.


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jayde said...

like i said, ahahaha.

Anonymous said...

ahhh so scary to break a camera. my mom accidentally broke one of my lenses in high school and i was devastated (as was she). glad to hear it's on the mend.