08 May 2011


Happy Mother's Day, Nanay!
I won't be sappy and over-sentimental today because I am your Junior.
And Julie Jr. doesn't get schmaltzy over some day Santa Claus created, almost.
In between this post, I am overlooking a casserole filled with beef, potatoes and carrots you ordered me to take a good watch.
Here I am now going down to the kitchen, using the spiral stairs {shortcut haha}  because I can hear your footsteps already.
Enjoy your French Manicure, I will be in charge today. Now that's a big almost.


J A I M I E said...

Ahahaha! :D Happy Mom's Day, Tita Julie! And to Ate Jac and Agnes, too. :)

Heredeira said...

Happy Mom's day to Mommy Julie and tita Jac... :)