30 May 2011

Piñapple Express

It's harvest time!
Loving my cheeky skirt pockets.
Siamese Pineapple from Lojay's Farm. Cool.
100p neon shirt from gh. 
Reviving last December's bag.
How to fake long legs? Wedges. How to fake good legs? Good lighting.
Ilustrado's Brazo de Mercedes. Pasalubong from Jayps. If you live in this house, you know he'll eat half of it anyways. 
How to fake a tan? There's no answer to that. I am tan all-year round. I'm kinda offended with your question, hahaha.
It's never lethal to add a little whimsy in your life.
I've worn this outfit once. But with flip-flops and my everyday bag. 
My everyday bag needs a replacement Jac. Hurry. Give me your purple bag, okay?
Today I decided to spruce it up with larger-than-life hoops,
a nice envelope bag and my camel wedges that wants to bid farewell already. 
Very HK blogger!:) I love HK bloggers nowadays. 
Their fashion's a well-rounded mix of European and Asian influences.
Fluid and minimal. Well traveled but still with a sense of home.


j. said...

freeeeeeetification hun.

zoe loved the siamese twin pineapple.

you can have all the bags you want hun.

Elaine said...

I love it! You look fantastic!

lethemeatkate said...

loooove the purse!