29 June 2011

Connect Five

Jewel tank.F21 skirt. F21 necklace from Anne. SM flats.
Tumi-teenage dream:)

Have you ever played Connect Five? If yes, then you'll know it's an Ego-bruiser of a board game.
I've won only twice against my sister. But I always win if I play against my eight-year old niece.
What's more humiliating is that my nieces have their own victory dance whenever their mom wins.
Road testing my satchel:)

Do you love my teenage dream skirt?
Are you seventeen? If yes, then it's your time to try everything!
Short skirts, shorts, short shorts. Heels. High heels. Tanks. Hanging tanks.
Junk food. More junk food. Pimple. More pimple.
Because you can get away with it. Savor it while you still can.
No regrets. Just love.


j. said...

tumiteenager k tlga teh.

send nga one of those connect fives.we forgot to bring them.

but were busy killing zombies these days so its okay.

lurve your bag hun.

bought u a denim dress in the teen section of h&m.lurve

jayde said...

thanks hun! i know i'm so effing teenage dream hahaha. i miss you chuckers, you're like my favoritest sister in the whole wide webniverse.

sharonlei said...

Gorgeous satchel, hun. And yes I remember the game Connect5! ahhhh, the memories. I was quite good too. hehe.

xx Love & Aloha

Heredeira said...

swithart! satchel gurl! i so like it dear...