21 June 2011

You want curls, I'll give you curls!

h&m dress and bag from jacques.

Taylor Sweep.
I really tried my bestest best not to miss my curls from last year. But my hair's so lifeless and boring. So, it's the return of the comeback of the return of the curls! I think i'm born to a wrong hair. I'm meant to be curly. My hair is transvestite.
Ahhh. The smell of raisin bread on a rainy day is heavenly. The spicy cinnamon-ed air is so relaxing. I can live like this everyday.


Heredeira said...

prettiness gurl! :)

j. said...

mgplantsa ka kendi.ahahahha

jayde said...

~thanks te jakee.

~jacques, it's what ya call the just got out of bed look hahaha

Linda (little tin soldier) said...

Jayde I want your outfit, and I think curls look good on you. :o)