07 July 2011


Bayo blouse, mamita's skirt :) , Stradivarius clutch, F21 shoes.
Claire's necklace from Jac.  Lovette.

Trying on the Midi trend. Trying really hard. Midis are for cool people.
I am not cool. I'm just quasi-cool. Half of quasi-cool.
Borrowing my mom's skirt from the eighties. It's ridiculous but she still has her tacky eighties clothes neatly folded in one of her closets. I found two pretty pieces though.
One is a pretty chocolate brown lace overlay, the other one is a black skirt with yellow flowers which I turned into a tube dress.
That silk top is the most abused blouse on earth. I wear it all the time.
Yeap, that pair of shoes too. It's my go-to shoes.
Please forgive me if you've seen me wear it almost every week.
I promise to wear my other shoes. I swear on Chanel.
Linux complex much?


j. said...

cuters hun u look so brit.hahaa.
for like reals hun.
kumikiera ka ata teh?haha

jayde said...

vlogger yan ano vazz hahaha