09 August 2011


Cream Puffs from Lipa.

Beginnings. Endings. Gatherings. Rekindled friendships.
And a Septic tank. That was my last week.
Today, I'm finishing a box of cream puffs shared with my cousins. 
I think everything tastes sweeter when shared and you are fighting for your last piece!
Same with those school day car mornings on who gets the front seat spot. 
Only now it's just a front seat. There's no pesky older sister and brother to wrestle with.
Where were we? Oh yeah, cream puffs. 
Perfect shiny caramelized sugar that crackles on every bite.
Not-too-sweet custard center playing with my taste buds.
Ummmm, Why on earth did you share that box again?
Because sharing is fun. Puff.

1 comment:

j. said...


septic tank?eeewz.

with a cream puff photo?