03 August 2011


Guerlain goodies from Jac. Since she is not a make-up person.I use the Kisskiss Orange Mambo lipstick whenever I feel orange-y.:)
They say you are either a make-up person or a clothes person. Or both. Or neither. Neither is scary.

This is a draft from last week's. 
I actually have a lot of unpublished and drafted posts lingering
on my dashboard and camera. And that's what jump breaks are for. 
I got this pambahay striped dress last summer from SM Tarlac. 
But it's too pretty to be a pambahay don't you think?
If i'm not mistaken Anne and I saw this same print over at F&H.

Borrowed from nanay.

One Mile Wear.
If you watch Arirang's Talk&City, then you're familiar with this term.
The philosophy is to mix trendy and classic pieces together 
and always add a pop of color and consider
how comfortable you are with your chosen outfit.
That is if I am reading the sub-titles correctly.

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