20 September 2011

Flailing | Fanning | Fleeting |


Closed-collar attempt, ala Elle Fanning :) 
Like an ant saving for the rainy days, I am gearing for the cooler months.
Carmex? Check. Cardis? Check. Carbs? Check na Check. 
But mostly, I am reserving this checkered top from Jac. 
You should know by now that 90% of my clothes come from her. 
My fairy god-sister. It's a mystery, she really loves me. I guess I am THAT lovable!
Unfortunately for her, I'm the most annoying little sister on the planet.
I'm doing my best not to wear this yet, even though I'm dying to.
I'm patiently waiting for that crisp December of a breeze.
Akin to a little girl waiting for the jolly candy-cane taste of the air.
With Peppermint and Cinnamon flavors afloat.
The Basics. I guess it never really left. Similar to a Gap shirt. Timeless.
With all the frou-frous, electric pleats and excessorizing going on,
it's nice to return to your good ole khaki and black skirts,
a watch that can tell time, a structured bag and your sturdy no-fuss shoes.
Because sometimes, the best arm candy you can have is a simplified life.


j. said...

Because sometimes, the best arm candy you can have is a simplified life?????????

chumachakaroonies ka teh.ahhahaha.

super love everything.first photo is perfect.

miss you ginggi.

jayde said...

teh pang-miss universe yun tehhhhh!!!