09 September 2011

Hello Cooky Chua

What's up 90's?


Charles & Keith Clutch.

Charles & Keith Shoes.
Asos Bow necklace from Tita Thea.
I love dainty necklaces at the moment. My bigger pieces are closet-parked right now.
This was our breakfast nook. Was, because we don't hang here much now.
We use to bring our every meal here, sit and put our feet up.
I miss the fountain-water trickling all day long.
Old days.

Strappies. My current fave shoe type. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden my feet gets really uncomfortable in closed pumps. 

I feel like after the greats of the Nineties, everyone else are just fillers, don't you think?
Not that Cooky is one of the greats. Not that I'm a big fan of Cooky.
Umm. Maybe I was.


j. said...


cooky chua ka teh?

im hungry.chat hun?

Elaine said...

gorgeous :)