20 October 2011

Happy Meal

Lately, we've been hoarding party knick-knacks. Got these paper lanterns yesterday. 
Six big ones and ten miniature version. I can't wait to buy more, in pink and orange! It's in the air. 
The joyous mornings and the starry nights. Everyone's on festive mood. The storms are literally off the radar. 
I hope.


j. said...

me too.boutgh paper lanterns last night.omg.

im so stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heredeira said...

OMG...i've been looking for those paper lanterns for how many days now...wanna use them on our anniv day sa house...still, didn't have the luck to find them. :(

jayde said...

jatjat- you're so martha!

te jakee-buti ka days lang ako years!:)